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New FishXProxy Phishing Kit Lowers Barriers for Cybercriminals

Imagine receiving an email that looks perfectly legitimate, down to the last detail. This is the deceptive power of new FishXProxy Phishing Kit, a new phishing toolkit emerging from the cybercrime underground. With its array of advanced features, FishXProxy dismantles the technical barriers traditionally associated with phishing campaigns, making it alarmingly simple for attackers to […]

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10 Ways URL Analysis & Enrichment Can Help Ease Your SOC’s Challenges in 2020

On-demand phishing URL analysis solutions can help ease your SOC teams’ pain and challenges.

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SlashNext Reinvents Incident Response with Cortex XSOAR

The current security landscape is filled with targeted attacks, including sophisticated phishing and spear-phishing campaigns, and as many threat actors as defenders. Beyond stealing credentials, attackers are interested in com…

Ransomware Attack

Did One Phish Take Down a Pipeline?

What the Colonial Pipeline Attack Reminds Us About Phishing and Ransomware As demonstrated with the Colonial Pipeline attack, Ransomware is the number one cybersecurity threat to organizations, but it’s also the number on…

Malicious Browser Extensions

Multi-Factor Authentication is Not Foolproof Protection

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has become increasingly common both in business and personal use. Yet, despite MFA providing increased security, threat actors are using the availability of sophisticated technology and even le…

BYOD Endpoint Security

Prepare Your Organization for MFA Compromise

Learn how Hackers are Bypassing MFA with Astonishing Accuracy  Understanding and preparing for how cybercriminals are bypassing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is imperative for protecting your organization. The Cybersecurity…

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