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Next Gen AI messaging security to stop threats and exploits in Microsoft 365, Zoom, Teams, Slack and other messaging channels.

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BEC and SMS Attacks are the Top Threats Impacting Business Today

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Growing Threats

83% of organizations report mobile threats are growing more quickly than other device threats and lead to successful breaches.

Sophisticated Phishing

Sophisticated Phishing

With automation and AI technology, BEC and spear phishing can easily adapt until successful.

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Data Breach Cost

The average global cost of a data breach is $4 million with losses exceeding $10.3 billion annually.

A Complete Cloud Security Platform to Stop the Most Evasive Threats in Real-Time

Keep users safe with a more effective approach that uses natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning with relationship graphs, generative AI, and deep contextualization to stop zero-hour threats in real-time with 99.9% accuracy and 1 in 1 million false positives. This unique combination of techniques sees through evasion tactics and accurately detects threats, even those hosted on compromised websites and legitimate infrastructure.

A Complete Cloud Security Platform to Stop the Most Evasive Threats in Real-Time
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Best Zero-Hour Link, File and 
BEC Detection

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Quick and Easy Implementation

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Comprehensive Management 
and Controls

SlashNext Next Gen AI Email + Messaging Security

SlashNext AI technology stops threats in email plus all other messaging channels that compromise users and lead to a data breach.

Cloud Email Security for Microsoft 365

SlashNext’s Integrated Cloud Email Security provides a full defense-in-depth approach by supplementing Microsoft Defender with protection that is purpose-built to anticipate and stop the vast number of sophisticated zero-hour linked-based attacks, natural language-based attacks, malicious attachments and exploits that evade Microsoft Defender for Office 365.


Set-up to detection in 5 minutes using Microsoft Graph API and a phenomenal ROI with twice the protection at half the cost of secure email gateway (SEG) solutions.

Cloud Email Security for Microsoft 365

Protection for SMS and Mobile Apps

Stop smishing and business text compromise with zero-hour protection against the broadest range of link based and natural language threats in any mobile application. Available for business, BYOD and home devices.


With on-device machine learning, users will benefit from detection without giving up privacy. Centrally managed for enterprise users, with multiple deployment options, incidents written to CMS, and supports all device types.

Integrated Mobile Security

Protection for Slack, Zoom, Teams, Gmail and Other Messaging Apps

Integrated browser extension stop zero-hour link and exploit threat in all web messaging apps, including email, ads, social media, search, collaboration platforms, and more.


By blocking malicious sites in real-time, SlashNext protects users from more zero-hour threats including those that evade multi-layer enterprise defenses.

Integrated Browser Security

Cloud Mangement Console

SlashNext’s elegant cloud management console provides full visibility and reporting for simple deployment, management, and advanced reporting across threats, users, and devices.

Stop The Attacks That Impact Your Business

Social Engineering

Social Engineering, Scams and Fraud

Deception to manipulate users into divulging information for misuse.

Trusted Services Compromise

Trusted Services Compromise

Uses trusted domains to obfuscate cyber attacks to increase success.

Ransomware, Malware and Exploits

Ransomware, Malware and Exploits

Intended to inject code, take-over browser canvas or download malware.

Malicious Attachments

Malicious Attachments

Malicious HTML, PDF and Office files used to harvest credentials or download malware.

BEC, ATO and Supply Chain Attacks

BEC, ATO and Supply Chain Attacks

Targets execs or financial teams to defraud a company for financial gain.

Credential Stealing

Credential Stealing

Cyber attack designed to steal passwords with the intent of accessing protected data.

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing

Personalized targeted attack designed to trick  users into a data breach or for financial gain.

Smishing and BTC

QR Code Phishing

Block Quishing and QRL Jacking with computer vision and NLP

SlashNext Delivers Best in Class Results on Day One

5 mins.

To set-up and configure service using the Microsoft Graph API


Detection rate with 1 in 1 million false positives

2x more

Blocks two times more than competing supplemental solutions

1 hr.

Incident caught within 1 hr. for incredibly quick time to value


Patient-zero email attacks detected by SEER™ Live Scan

48 hrs.

Detection advantage vs other threat engines

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We found a lot of value in their (phishing) protection. Overall a great addition to our cybersecurity protection suite.

Jason Jewitt
CIO, Moffatt & Nichol

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Complete multi-channel security for email, mobile and web messaging app.

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