Stop Business Email Compromise Attacks

Prevent sophisticated socially engineered BEC attacks that bypass traditional security controls, including secure email gateways (SEGs).

8 Million Mailboxes, Devices and APIs Protected


BEC Attacks are Hard to Recognize

With BEC, cybercriminals steal  use social engineering tactics to trick employees into giving up sensitive information or money. For example, the attacker might send an email – from the CEO – to an employee asking them to wire money or to provide confidential information.


These emails can be sent from known legitimate domains and may have malicious attachments or links. They appear legitimate and use a sense of urgency and timing to trick employees into completing a request.


How SlashNext Stops Sophisticated BEC and CEO Fraud Attacks

  1. Relationship Graphs and Contextual Analysis: Baselines communication patterns of employees and suppliers, providing insight into expected behaviors. 

  2. Natural Language Processing: Analyzes email body and attachments for manipulation associated with social engineering tactics, including urgency, unusual writing style, and high emotions, all hallmarks of BEC attacks.

  3. Generative HumanAI for Advanced BEC Protection: Trains a neural network to detect thousands of BEC attacks by generating variants from current threats using semantical clones.


The Only Generative AI Available to Stop BEC Attacks

  • The only cybersecurity company that uses Generative AI to stop zero-hour BEC threats.
  • Stops over 20 classifications of BEC attacks, including

    Executive Impersonation, Invoice/Payment Fraud, Fund Transfer Scams, Assistance Scams, Investment Scams, Job Scams, Payroll Theft, and Gift Card Scams

  • Fast return on investment and time to value.


Engineering Firm Closes Messaging Security Gaps Outside Email

Eric Quinn, CIO at C&S Companies, a national planning, design and construction firm talks about zero-hour threats, spear phishing, and multi-channel phishing attacks getting through to users.


“Hackers are getting better at this every day, so we have to get better as well. We can continue to educate, but the statistics, still show that even the best educated companies out there still have about a 4% failure rate of people clicking on stuff.”

SlashNext Delivers Best in Class Results on Day One

Greater spear phishing detection vs. top security vendors
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Faster average detection time vs. security vendors listed on VirusTotal
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Cloud and on-device detection rate with 1 in 1 million false positives
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threats detected daily
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