SlashNext Extends Award-Winning Enterprise Mobile for Home and Personal Use

With 83% of organizations reporting mobile device threats are growing more quickly than other device threats, according to a Verizon MIS report. Hackers are turning attention to mobile devices using tactics including SMS/text phishing (Smishing) and non-linked-based phishing. SlashNext just launched its new Mobile Security Personal and Home apps, according to a recent press release, adding another channel to their multi-channel security platform. In the release, SlashNext reviews the new solution and how it can protect you, your family, and all mobile users from the ever-growing threat of SMS phishing or smishing.

In this modern BYOD workforce, mobile devices are being used for personal and business purposes, making them susceptible to today’s cybercriminals. “Smishing and credential harvesting are exploding in the mobile environment, causing headline-making breaches and having a big impact on businesses,” said Patrick Harr, CEO, SlashNext. “Cybercriminals are launching phishing attacks on personal apps and successfully reaching business systems. Organizations know the number of unprotected devices that can access their corporate data. Until now, there has not been a BYOD solution that addresses the user’s privacy concerns with the enterprise level protection organizations expect.”

This new app promises to stop smishing, and business text compromise using on-device machine learning, zero-hour phishing protection for using working anywhere, and guarantees privacy and no PII risks.

“This solution was driven by our customers looking for a solution that is not centrally managed and offers privacy for employees wanting to use their mobile devices while protecting company data. We think this is the best of both worlds for solving the tug of war with user privacy and protection,” continued Harr.

You can get your SlashNext Mobile Security Home edition on the Apple and Android app stores with a 90-day free trial. A business can purchase the personal BYOD edition for employees as either a managed app or an unmanaged option for user data privacy for BYOD. The Home edition is a yearly subscription that covers up to five mobile devices that can be shared across family members and are not tied to any corporate business accounts.

Read the full press release here.

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