Hackers Get Ready for Amazon Prime Days Shoppers with Thousands of Live Phishing Sites

The start of Amazon Prime Days on July 12 has prompted an increase in phishing attacks. These attacks target shoppers anxiously awaiting the amazing offers and discounts revealed during the two-day sale, and bad actors are ready to take advantage of the excitement.

Right now, SlashNext has tens of thousands of live malicious Amazon phishing URLs in our database, which has increased over the last 72 hours. Most are scams designed to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day shoppers looking for deals. There are also more dangerous phishing attacks, including credential stealing and rogue software, which can lead to ransomware and account takeovers.

Phishing tends to spike during special events, holidays, and shopping days, so given the popularity of Amazon Prime Days, its predictable threat actors will be out in full force. On any day, Amazon is one of the most impersonated global brands because it’s a target that has proven a successful opportunity for cybercriminals.

Hackers’ motivations are usually money, information theft, and extortion. While Prime Day is mostly a consumer event, with the modern hybrid workforce, millions of people will shop for Prime Day deals on the same device they use for work. This means organizations should look at how to stop phishing from entering their environment on these big shopping days. Yet, most companies do not have a multi-channel strategy for phishing protection, including mobile protection on BYOD devices.

SlashNext addresses this with the broadest range of protection against attacks on corporate and personal email, SMS, social media, messaging, and collaboration platforms to stop these types of threats and more.

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