Real-Time Phishing Defense APIs

Detection at Scale with Real-Time Phishing Defense APIs

RTPD Lookup and
Live Scan APIs

High volume real-time threat intelligence lookup, plus dynamic live scanning in milliseconds to detect and block zero-hour phishing threats at speed and scale.

RTP Forensics

Add rich forensic data to look-up and live scan detection to include screenshots, threat status, URLs, HTML and text downloads to remediate sites or takedown threat sources. 

Save Thousands of Hours of Security Analysts Time
with Playbooks and Integrations

Brand and Reputation Protection

Stop threat actors from leveraging legitimate SaaS services like internet, messaging, hosting, and all other cloud services by automating the detection and removal from advance phishing threats.

Threat Investigation and Hunting

Abuse Inbox Management

Simplify and expedite abuse inbox management and phishing incident response to dramatically reduce the time associated with researching suspicious URLs.

URL Analysis and Enrichment

Enriches URLs with a definitive verdict plus forensics data, including screenshots, HTML, and rendered text combined with reporting artifacts. This simplifies phishing IR processes and reporting.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence for Maximum Visibility and Control

Slashnext in Action

Preventing Threat Actors from Using a Multi-National Media and Publishing Power-House's SaaS Platform

Challenged with stopping  threat actors who subscribe to their low-cost SaaS services to host phishing URLs. SlashNext APIs can proactively detect these threats prior to publishing and provide the full details of the threat including screen shots  and meta data as evidence to take down the malicious pages.

“SlashNext phishing detection API is very useful and easy to use integrated service. It helped us improve our existing phishing detection algorithms with a significant added value.” 

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Malicious sites identified

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Faster detection with live-scan

Access Our Enterprise-Level
Threat Detection

We have developed NextPhish to allow anyone to access our high-volume real-time threat intelligence lookup, and live scanning to check a suspicious URL.

Try RTPD APIs in Your Own Environment Risk-Free

Real-Time Phishing Defense APIs gives security teams access our scalable, cloud-based APIs for high volume real-time threat intelligence lookup, plus dynamic live scanning that leverages our patented SEER™ threat detection technology.

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