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Real-Time Phishing Site Detection

Strengthen URL Filtration/Blocking Defenses with Definitive Real-Time Phishing Site Detection

Protect Employees from Phishing Sites

SlashNext is the industry’s first purpose-built solution for definitive real-time detection of zero-hour phishing threats on the Web.
Protect your employees from malicious phishing sites, regardless of phishing attack vector.

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Better Detection = Better Protection

SlashNext Real Time Processing

Real Time

SlashNext detects previously unknown phishing sites in seconds, providing a new level of protection against fast-moving, zero-hour phishing threats.

Definitive Phishing Threats


SlashNext SEERTM technology uses adaptive machine learning to definitively spot malicious sites with near-zero false positives – no “probable threats” to research.

Cloud Powered Phishing Software


SlashNext threat detection is out-of-band and cloud-powered, so it won’t introduce any latency to your network. And with no PII sent to our cloud, your data remains safe.

Immediate Phishing Protection

Immediate Protection

Easy 20 minute install, no tuning, and seamless integration with firewalls and DNS mean instant threat detection and immediate protection via dynamic block lists.

The Threat Landscape Has Changed. Again.

Cybercriminals’ tactics are changing. With companies using more sophisticated security defenses such as SEGs, SWGs, NextGen AV and firewalls, advanced endpoint security, and more, hackers are going after the human attack surface with socially engineered attacks that evade existing defenses by design.


Catching Live Phishing Attacks

The threat landscape has changed. Phishing sites appear and disappear within hours to evade detection. See how SlashNext catches live phishing attacks.

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Phishing in the Dark


Phishing in the Dark

When it comes to social engineering attacks, cyber anglers are using a greater variety of phishing tactics to lure and hook their prey.

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Osterman Research


Addressing the Top 10 Security Issues

Even with a multi-layer cybersecurity approach, 78% of organization have at least one incident a year. This whitepaper explores the top cybersecurity concerns that organizations will face this year.

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Phishing Report White Paper


The New Threat Landscape with Phishing Attacks on the Web

Phishing attack vectors are expanding beyond email and use increasingly sophisticated methods to phish users. Learn more how it’s being done.

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SlashNext Finds Threats Others Miss


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