Protect users from BEC, credential stealing, scams, ransomware and exploits


Cloud Email Security to stop zero-hour threats that elude other security solutions
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Protection from mobile BEC, smishing, scams, and phishing across mobile apps
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Zero-hour SMS and messaging app protection for business, BYOD and home devices
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Stop link-based threats with browser security that's better than browser isolation
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Integrated browser extension stops zero-hour links and exploits in all web apps


Protect M365, Zoom, SMS, LinkedIn, and other messaging channels


Complete multi-channel security for email, mobile and browser

Complete Multi-Channel Security for Cloud Email, Mobile,
and Web Messaging Apps

Stop natural language threats, like BEC in email and mobile

Business Email Compromise (BEC)
ATO and Supply Chain
Business Text Compromise
Business Message Compromise
Insider Threats

Stop zero-hour link-based threats everywhere

Credential Harvesting

Stop file-based threats and malicious downloads

Malicious Attachments

Generative HumanAI™ Threat Detection for Complete Protection

Detect the most evasive zero-hour threats using virtual browsers, machine learning, and LiveScan™ to protect cloud email and all other messaging channels with 99.9% accuracy.

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With 50% of cyber threats moving from email to other messaging channels protecting email, plus other forms of messaging including texting, Slack, WhatsApp and more is essential to stop corporate breaches.

Baseline known, good communication patterns and writing styles of employees and suppliers to detect unusual communication cadence and conversation style

Analyzes text in email body and attachment for topic, tone and emotion, intent, and manipulation triggers associated with social engineering tactics.

Auto generates new BEC variants from today’s threat to stop tomorrow’s attacks

Live ScanTM inspect URL in real-time for any visual deviations such as image and layouts to detect credential phishing webpage.

Live ScanTM  analyze attachments social engineering traits and malicious codes to stop ransomware

Evaluates header details and email authentication results to stop impersonation attacks.

Generative HumanAI™ Detection – Breakthrough Results

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Greater spear phishing detection vs. top security vendors
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Faster average detection time vs. security vendors listed on VirusTotal
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Cloud and on-device detection rate with 1 in 1 million false positives
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threats detected daily

Global Technology Firm Replaces Secure Email Gateway with ICES

This 185K employee company modernizes email security by replacing SEG with SlashNext Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) for M365 to stop the sophisticated email attacks that were evading their SEG solution and reduce the risk of a data breach with a $2M annual savings.

8M Mailboxes, Devices and APIs Protected

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