Our Approach to Protecting All Messaging Channels Makes Us Different

SlashNext patented Generative AI technology detects, stops and predicts spear phishing, BEC, Smishing, and other social engineered attacks in email, mobile, and web messaging apps.

The SlashNext Story

The SlashNext story began during a significant rise in phishing and morphing payloads. We strongly believed phishing would grow from email into a multi-channel problem and become organizations’ number one cyber threat. Atif Mushtaq, the visionary founder of SlashNext and one of the main architects of FireEye’s core malware sandbox technology, recognized phishing detection, like malware, needed to move from signature-based reputation techniques to behavioral analysis. The result was SlashNext’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) phishing detection engine, a faster, automated, and more accurate detection engine to detect and stop well-crafted phishing attacks.

SlashNext Today

SlashNext’s generative AI technology mimics human threat researchers by combining natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, relationship graphs, and deep contextualization to thwart sophisticated multi-channel messaging attacks, including spear phishing, Smishing, and other socially engineered attacks across M365, Gmail, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Teams, and other messaging channels. Additionally, the platform is purpose-built to anticipate the vast numbers of AI-generated BEC threats by using AI data augmentation and cloning technologies to assess core threats and spawn thousands of other versions of the threat, enabling the system to train itself on possible variations.

About SlashNext
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“When cybercriminals launch successful multi-channel phishing and social engineering attacks, the results are massively disruptive to people, organizations, and the economy. This is the number one cyber challenge that organizations face globally, and bad actors are only increasing their attacks in Linkedin, MS Teams, Messenger and Slack and taking advantage of the most vulnerable part of organizations – its people. This is why we continue to see considerable growth in customers and ARR since the introduction of our multi-channel AI defense service.”

Patrick Harr
SlashNext CEO

Our Generative AI Detection Makes Us Unique

SlashNext is at the forefront of multichannel messaging security, and recognizes that generative AI has changed the face of BEC attacks. Features of SlashNext GenAI technology include: 

SlashNext detects hundreds of thousands of zero-hour phishing threats daily with an extreme accuracy of 99.9%, a time-to-detection advantage of 48 hours, and the industry’s lowest false positive rate of 1 in 1 million. 

Industry Recognition

SlashNext is honored to be recognize for industry excellence in phishing.


Patrick Harr


As CEO of SlashNext, Patrick Harr directs a workforce of security professionals focused on protecting people and organizations from phishing anywhere. Before SlashNext, Harr was CEO of Panzura, which he transformed into a SaaS company, grew ACV 400%, and led to successful acquisition in 2020. He has held senior executive and GM positions at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, VMware, BlueCoat and was CEO of multiple security and storage start-ups, including Nirvanix (acquired by Oracle), Preventsys (acquired by McAfee), and Sanera (acquired by McDATA).

Atif bio

Atif Mushtaq

Founder & CPO

Atif Mushtaq is the founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of SlashNext. Atif is the visionary behind SlashNext’s patented innovative cloud-based SEER™ phishing detection technology. Before founding SlashNext, Atif spent nine years at FireEye as a senior scientist, where he was one of the main architects of FireEye’s core malware detection technology. He has spent most of his career on the front lines of the war against cybercrime. He has worked with law enforcement and other global organizations to take down some of the world’s biggest malware networks, including Rustock, Srizbi, Pushdo, and Grum botnets.


Barry Ruditsky

SVP Business Dev

Barry Ruditsky, SVP of Business Development, brings more than 25 years of global business development experience to Slashnext. Most recently, he served as SVP of Global Channels for BlueJeans Networks. Before BlueJeans, he was on the executive team for Actiance during a period of accelerated growth sparked by strategic OEM and reseller partnerships. He also led EMC’s Content Division’s BD and the OEM/ISV sales organizations. Mr. Ruditsky holds a Masters Degree in Finance from The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Brandeis University.

Scott Slover

VP of Worldwide Sales

Scott Slover brings more than 20 years of global sales experience to Slashnext. You may know him from his five years of work at FireEye where he led their global Inside Sales team, contributing to their successful IPO in 2013.  Scott is also recognized for his contributions to the hyper growth of Rubrik and their $4 billion valuation, and Sumo Logic’s IPO in 2020 where he led the largest enterprise sales region in the US.  Scott’s drive and competitive spirit stems from his sports background where he was an NCAA All-American and captain of the UCLA Track & Field team.  He also represented the US in two Track and Field World Championships and competed in the 2000 and 2004 Olympic trials.  He currently resides in Los Gatos California.

Awais Khan

M Awais Khan

VP of Engineering

Awais Khan has over 15 years of experience developing and designing enterprise-class software. Before SlashNext, Awais worked as Engineering Manager at Moobila, where his team built one of the very first Anti Virus for Android devices. Before Moobila, he worked for Palmchip, Inc. as Principal Design Engineer, focused on creating Sandbox based Malware and Exploit protection systems. Awais holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Physics from Punjab University, Lahore, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Management and Technology Lahore.


Robert Mally

CFO (Interim)

Robert brings more than 20 years of experience in senior financial leadership positions for software and cybersecurity companies varying in size from VC-backed start-ups to Fortune 100 firms. Before Slashnext, Robert was the CFO for Palerra, a leading enterprise cloud security provider (acquired by Oracle). He held responsibility for all financial, accounting, business intelligence, legal, tax, and human resources functions. Robert received an MBA from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business and a BA in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Board of Directors

Promod Haque

Sr Managing Partner, NVP

Gurav Garg

Partner, Wing VC

Patrick Harr


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Atif Mushtaq

Founder & CPO

Darren Kimura

Coast Range Capital