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New FishXProxy Phishing Kit Lowers Barriers for Cybercriminals

Imagine receiving an email that looks perfectly legitimate, down to the last detail. This is the deceptive power of new FishXProxy Phishing Kit, a new phishing toolkit emerging from the cybercrime underground. With its array of advanced features, FishXProxy dismantles the technical barriers traditionally associated with phishing campaigns, making it alarmingly simple for attackers to […]

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10 Ways URL Analysis & Enrichment Can Help Ease Your SOC’s Challenges in 2020

On-demand phishing URL analysis solutions can help ease your SOC teams’ pain and challenges.

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Spear phishing remote working

Expert Guide to Microsoft 365 Email Threat Protection

With the demands of the modern workforce, there’s been an increased use of native cloud email protection, like Microsoft 365, in the last 12 months. This has led many security professionals to ask if Microsoft 365 Defende…

10 Reasons Why Email Protection is Critical in 2022

10 Reasons Why Email Protection is Critical in 2022

We all use email all day long. No matter what industry you’re in or where you are working around the globe, you’re more than likely using email to communicate, work and socialize. Most of us check our email multiple times a day…

browser and web security

Getting Intelligent About Browser Security

Fixing browser security with artificial intelligence Had you told me 30 years ago the first web browser would be the ancestor of most software interfaces, I’d have been skeptical. Of course, that was before most of us had…

Phishing Threats Hiding Behind Trusted Microsoft Domains

Throughout 2021 there was a growing increase in cyber threats hosted on legitimate services like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and OneNote to deliver phishing campaigns. These domains’ trusted reputation enables …

multi-channel phishing

Human Hacking and Multi-Channel Phishing is Surging

Human hacking is a modern way to think about phishing in its entirety, which is anything malicious that reaches a user to steal credentials, data, or financial information. By focusing on phishing as an email problem or a spam …

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