Patented Next Gen AI Technology

Integrated cloud security platform leveraging a combination of relationship graph, contextual analysis, computer vision, natural language processing, and generative AI to detect threats in real-time with 99.9% accuracy.

SlashNext HumanAI™

Next Gen AI Message Security Technology

SlashNext utilizes its patented AI threat detection technology to protect users from the widest range of linked-based attacks, attachment-based attacks, and natural language payloads.

HumanAI™ Zero-hour Protection

Stop The Attacks That Impact Your Business

Social Engineering

Social Engineering, Scams and Fraud

Deception to manipulate users into divulging information for misuse.

Trusted Services Compromise

Trusted Services Compromise

Uses trusted domains to obfuscate cyber attacks to increase success.

Ransomware, Malware and Exploits

Ransomware, Malware and Exploits

Intended to inject code, take-over browser canvas or download malware.

Malicious Attachments

Malicious Attachments

Malicious HTML, PDF and Office files used to harvest credentials or download malware.

BEC, ATO and Supply Chain Attacks

BEC, ATO and Supply Chain Attacks

Targets execs or financial teams to defraud a company for financial gain.

Credential Stealing

Credential Stealing

Cyber attack designed to steal passwords with the intent of accessing protected data.

Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing

Personalized targeted attack designed to trick  users into a data breach or for financial gain.

Smishing and BTC

Smishing and BTC

Using SMS text messages to trick users into divulging passwords or other PII for fraudulent use.

SlashNext's GenAI Threat Detection and Prediction​ Engine

A unique combination of techniques sees through evasion tactics and accurately detects threats, even those hosted on compromised websites and legitimate infrastructure.

SEER Power
SEER Power
CloudScan icon

AI Preemptive Threat Identification

Patented detection engine using, behavioral analysis, relationship graph, virtual browsers, and machine learning to preemptive detect unknown threats

Livescan Icon

AI LiveScan Real-Time Detection

Scan URLs and attachments with virtual browser to fully renders content and apply ML classifiers to detect threats in real time

The SlashNext Advantage is Your Advantage

Preemptive Icon


Global, proactive threat hunting provides advance visibility, detection, and protection from emerging threats

Real-Time icon


Real-time, automated scanning provides more effective protection from zero-hour threats

Quick and Accurate icon

Quick and Accurate

48 hour detection advantage with a 99.9% detection rate and 1 in 1 million false positives

Fast Deployment icon

Fast Deployment

Works out of the box in 5 minutes

Evasion Tactics icon

Overcomes Evasion Tactics

Overcomes evasive techniques like Captcha & IP restrictions, URL obfuscation, and attacks using compromised websites and trusted hosting infrastructure

Multichannel Protection icon


Protect corporate email to personal mailboxes, web and mobile threats, including, M365, Zoom, SMS, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other messaging channels

Multi-payload Protection icon


Stop account takeover, credential harvesting, BEC, ransomware, malware, exploits, social engineering and advanced zero-hour phishing attacks.

Integrated Cloud Security icon

Integrated Cloud

Protection for email, mobile, web and brand protection.

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