Three Ways URL Analysis and Enrichment Can Elevate Today’s SOAR Solutions

The SOAR has earned a well-deserved place in the enterprise security stack as an indispensable tool to save time, improve accuracy, and increase efficacy. While SOARs simplify security operations by automating threat management and incident response, the applications SOARs ingest are just as critical as the tool itself, and this is undoubtedly the case for URL analysis.

To that end, current threat feeds, and URL lookup services can have serious shortcomings:

  • They can return false negatives on newer, previously unknown threats or phishing pages on compromised websites
  • They are easily tricked by URL obfuscation techniques, re-directs, and multi-stage attacks
  • They tend to focus on fake login pages and return false negatives on other social engineering payloads
  • They return inconclusive threat risk scores rather than accurate, definitive results

When it comes to detecting phishing and social engineering threats, slow response times are detrimental. Leveraging an automated phishing URL analysis service that provides accurate, definitive results and enrichment to speed execution of phishing IR playbooks, analysis, and reporting can alleviate SOC and IR teams of the frustration of false positives and inconclusive results.

SlashNext real-time URL Analysis and Enrichment can help elevate SOAR solutions, and there are three use cases to consider:

  • Abuse inbox management and phishing IR playbooks for definitive verdicts and forensics evidence, at scale
  • Automating phishing detection and remediation for O365
  • Identification and remediation of phishing threats by automating phishing and C2 threat hunting


Automating Abuse Inbox Management and Phishing IR
The first use case, automating abuse inbox management and phishing IR with SOAR playbooks will save vast amounts of time and resources. SlashNext patented technology dynamically inspects page contents to identify phishing threats, at scale, while simultaneously retrieving detailed forensic evidence including screenshots, HTML, and rendered text. Our pre-built integrations and playbooks allow SOC and IR teams to quickly operationalize for definitive verdicts (malicious or benign) for greater accuracy on suspicious URLs.

Automating Phishing Detection and Remediation for O365
The second use case, automating phishing detection and remediation for O365, builds on the first use case of automating abuse inbox management  and adds remediation for O365. This playbook enables SOC and IR teams to identify phishing threats and remove them from all targeted mailboxes quickly and at scale.

Automating Phishing and C2 Threat Hunting
The third use case is proactive Threat Hunting by looking for malicious network traffic. A lack of accurate, phishing-focused threat detection and intelligence has made it challenging to identify phishing attempts in suspicious emails and C2 connections buried in network and endpoint logs. With real-time threat intelligence, we can effectively identify and remediate phishing threats on compromised machines faster. Expedite phishing URL and C2s hunting with pre-built playbooks in your SOAR and SIEM platforms.

To see the product in action register for the May 12th webinar for a product demo with Cortex XSOAR, including how to automate phishing detection and remediation for O365.

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