Automate Phishing IR and Threat Hunting with On-Demand URL Analysis

On-Demand 30-minute Webinar with SlashNext and Cortex XSOAR (formerly Demisto)

Dramatically reduce the time and effort involved in researching suspicious URLs across digital sources with fully automated, accurate and definitive analysis on demand. Together with Cortex XSOAR, SlashNext can save dozens, if not hundreds, of hours per week with automated IR playbooks such as those for abuse inbox management.


Join experts from Cortex XSOAR and SlashNext for a 30-minute webinar to learn:

  • How to build and execute phishing IR and threat hunting playbooks
  • How to fully automated run-time analysis of phishing URLs to return definitive verdicts and forensics evidence, at scale
  • How to automate phishing detection and remediation for O365 

Join SlashNext and Cortex XSOAR for Automating Phishing IR and Threat Hunting Webinar

Exceptional Power, Extreme Accuracy

SEER stands for Session Emulation and Environment Reconnaissance. It’s a new and more effective approach for detecting phishing threats that evade anti-phishing methods that rely on URL inspection and domain reputation analysis. SEER uses virtual browsers to dynamically inspect page contents and server behavior in a purpose-built cloud to definitively detect phishing sites in real-time and with extreme accuracy.

Detect Phishing Threats

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