Threat Hunting

Automate threat hunting with phishing, C2 threat intelligence and run-time URL analysis

The Challenge

Phishing attacks have surpassed malware infections in recent years. Targeted attacks that used to be carried out by APT malware and RAT toolkits are getting replaced by more evasive phishing and spear phishing attacks. And these file-less social engineering attacks have a broader array of malicious objectives.  

This shift has created a new set of challenges for SOC teams. Key amongst these is a lack of timely phishing threat intelligence to identify phishing outbreaks and spear phishing attempts buried in email, network, and host logs.

The SlashNext Solution

To speed this new kind of threat hunting, SlashNext provides real-time phishing threat intelligence as well as run-time phishing URL analysis and enrichment. With SlashNext, you get:

Phishing IoCs

Access to millions of accurate phishing IoCs.

Zero-Hour Threats

Access to intelligence on live, zero-hour threats.

C2 Detections

Phishing C2s detected from rogue browser extensions.

URL Analysis and Enrichment

Real-time URL scanning and forensic data.

Detailed IoCs

Including webpage screen shots, HTML and text.

Technical Integrations

Integrations with leading SIEM and SOAR platforms to automate hunting.

With Phishing URL Analysis & Enrichment You Get:

Zero-Hour Detection

Stop phishing outbreaks earlier.

User Education

Identify and train compromised users.

Immediate Remediation

Restore compromised machines quickly.

Threat Attribution Clarity

Reduce research time and effort.

Simplified Reporting

Forensics data helps streamline incident reporting.

Splunk and SlashNext

Splunk users can access SlashNext URL Analysis & Enrichment cloud to get real-time Phishing and C2 threat intelligence combined with accurate verdicts and rich IoC data.

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