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Devious Phishing Campaigns Using Microsoft365 Productivity Tools

How Hackers Gain Access to Your Business Using Legitimate Services

Today’s biggest and scariest threats are hosted on legitimate services like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and OneNote to deliver phishing campaigns.  With just one set of credentials, hackers can deliver devastating spear-phishing attacks that fool users every time.


On the third episode of The H Files: Devious Microsoft365 Phishing Campaigns Using Legitimate Services – How hackers gain access to your business, security expert Casey Lee and SlashNext’s CEO Patrick Harr share the forensics of recent phishing campaigns on legitimate Microsoft services, and:

  • Walk-through a recent phishing campaign used to deliver phishing to malware and review the forensics
  • Share the latest tactics being used to create new phishing campaigns
  • Provide guidance on how to protect organizations from these threats that bypass secure email gateways, proxy, firewall and evade URL filtering, and domain reputation analysis

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