The State of Phishing 2023

Reveals a 1,265% increase in phishing emails since the launch of ChatGPT, signaling a new era of cybercrime fueled by generative AI.


This report takes an in-depth look at cybersecurity threat trends with insights into how cybercriminals are swiftly advancing and what is required to stop them.


In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The top trends of 2023 in phishing and message-based attacks
  • How the rise of malicious chatbots and generative AI has and will continue to change everything
  • Trends and insights into the growing BEC threat landscape 
  • What’s required to stay protected in today’s threat landscape

State of Phishing Key Fact

Growth of Mobile Phishing

Mobile phishing is on the rise as it’s also the most unprotected of all communication channels and most threats on mobile start with SMS text. Threats are customized for mobile delivery but use familiar credential stealing, malware, and exploit tactics.


Phishing Continues to Grow

Email phishing has increased significantly since the Launch of ChatGPT signaling a new era of cybercrime fueled by generative AI.

State of Phishing Key Facts
State of Phishing Key Facts

Hackers Are More Effective at BEC

The diversity and sophistication of BEC types have received a significant boost from the public availability of generative AI chatbots. 

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