Critical Phishing Types

Keep up on the volume and types of phishing have exploded in recent years

Phishing Threats

This type of attack tricks the user into giving up their credentials by representing a near-copy of a legitimate web page.

Capable of updating or downloading JavaScript, these malicious apps and extensions downloaded script to control the complete browser canvas. 

A form of phishing that utilizes mobile devices as an attack vector. Initiated as a text message disguised as a text from a bank or trusted brand.

Spear phishing targets a smaller group or a specific department in an organization. It isn’t easy to detect as it appears to come from a sender closely aligned with the recipient.

The goal of social engineering is to motivate a user to complete a form or install something to access information or money.

Supply chain attacks are when a cybercriminal infiltrates an organization through an outside partner or vendor with access to internal systems.

spear phishing

BEC attacks often request for funds to be sent, or wire transferred to pay an invoice or for a service. The targets are employees with access to bank information, like accounts payable or finance.  

The exact functionality of Man-in-the-Middle attacks is collecting and selling data from victim organizations.

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