New Methods for Solving Spear Phishing, BEC, and Other Security Threats

With the increase in remote work, there is no longer a defensible perimeter that can be fully protected. New approaches to protect against spear phishing and BEC are required.

Mobile devices, many with apps that can be exploited, are regularly used to access sensitive corporate data and assets.  IoT devices are now commonplace and the number of these devices in the workplace is skyrocketing. “Bring Your Own” has expanded to include personally-owned and managed cloud, mobile and laptop applications of many types.


In short, there is no longer a defensible perimeter that can fully protect corporate data, so new approaches, technologies and practices are needed to protect corporate data and finances.


Key takeaways from the research:

  • 81% of organizations have reported being the victim of some type of successful phishing attack during the previous 12 months
  • 68% believe that the security skills shortage is a “definite” problem for their organization
  • Organizations are not confident in their ability to thwart a wide range of security problems and many believe it’s getting worse
  • Organizations believe they need to strengthen existing blocking defenses, detailed forensics, and speed of remediation

Exceptional Power, Extreme Accuracy

SEER stands for Session Emulation and Environment Reconnaissance. It’s a new and more effective approach for detecting phishing threats that evade anti-phishing methods that rely on URL inspection and domain reputation analysis. SEER uses virtual browsers to dynamically inspect page contents and server behavior in a purpose-built cloud to definitively detect phishing sites in real-time and with extreme accuracy.

Detect Phishing Threats

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