Phishing Incident Response

Automate abuse mailbox management with accurate, run-time analysis of suspicious URLs on-demand.

Threat Hunting & Response

Phishing-Focused URL Analysis

Malware sandboxes are useful for analyzing malicious binaries and files using virtual machines, but they are not designed for analyzing phishing and social engineering web pages. SlashNext provides SOC and IR teams with a scalable, cloud-based analysis engine purpose-built for analyzing phishing URLs using virtual browsers and patented SEER™ threat detection technology.

Detects All Major Phishing Payloads

Unlike other phishing URL analysis technologies, which largely focus on identifying fake log-in pages for major brands, SlashNext detects all major phishing payload threats.

Credential Stealing

Fake log-in pages

Rogue Software

Rogue browser extensions, fake AVs, etc.

Document Theft

Document, IP, and media theft

Tech Support Scams

Fake virus alerts, pop-ups, on-line support scams

Money Transfer Scams

Wire transfers, Bitcoin, gift card, fake deals, etc.

Extreme Accuracy​

Perform runtime behavioral analysis on suspicious URLs/webpages using patented, cloud-powered SEER™ threat detection technology. SEER uses virtual browsers to dynamically analyze page contents (images, text etc.) and server behavior. Mature machine learning algorithms enable definitive, binary verdicts (not threat scores) with >99.95% precision.

Full Automation

URL Analysis & Enrichment is fully automated and needs no manual intervention. Just submit URLs to SlashNext cloud via automated playbook commands and get accurate, binary verdicts. Eliminate countless hours of analysis and further research on inconclusive results.

Splunk Phantom SOAR platform

URL Enrichment​

SlashNext enriches URLs with a definitive verdict plus forensics data, including screenshots, HTML, and rendered text combined with reporting artifacts. This simplifies phishing IR processes and reporting. IoCs such as screenshots can even aid in employee phishing training and testing programs.

Cloud Scale​

SlashNext URL analysis operates at cloud scale, using millions of virtual browsers to analyze many millions of suspicious webpages daily. Analyze thousands, or even millions, of suspicious URLs on demand.

Zero-Hour Detection

SEER threat detection technology catches phishing threats missed by URL inspection and domain reputation technologies. With its patented approach, SEER follows all URL re-directs and multi-stage attacks to analyze final destination pages. This enables detection of phishing URLs/webpages hosted on compromised websites and legitimate hosting infrastructure.

Deployment Flexibility

As a cloud-powered, API-based service, SlashNext integrates with popular SOAR and SIEM platforms. Moreover, the security team can leverage our Linux utilities and SDK to build custom apps and automation workflows.

Key SlashNext Advantages

Extreme Accuracy

Patented SEER threat detection technology delivers binary verdicts (not threat scores) with near-zero false positives (>99.95 accuracy).

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Live, Zero-Hour Detection

Dynamic, runtime URL analysis (not just checks against known threat databases) uncovers live, previously unknown, zero-hour threats.

Broader Threat Detection

Detects all six major categories of phishing and social engineering threats, not just fake login pages for major brands.

More Powerful Analysis

Detects zero-hour threats missed by URL inspection and domain reputation analysis methods.

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Overcomes Evasion Tactics

Detects threats using advanced evasion tactics like URL redirects, captchas, keyboard and mouse interaction.

Pre-Built Integrations

Expedite phishing IR and threat hunting via integration apps with leading SOAR and SEIM platforms.

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