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Multi-channel phishing protection platform for users across email, web, mobile and API. Stop 65% more spear phishing, legitimate service compromise, BEC, rougueware, SMiShing, social engineering and other human compromise attacks in Microsoft 365, Teams, Zoom, Box, SMS, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other messaging channels.

Multi-channel User Protection

Human Cyber Threats Are Regularly Missed by Secure Email Gateways





Stop The Email Attacks That Impact Your Business

The act of attaining passwords with the intent of accessing protected data.

Targeted attack to gain access to an individual’s account or impersonate a specific individual

Social engineering tactics to obtain money, assets or other property held by an organization.

Using deception to manipulate users into divulging confidential information for fraudulent use.

Targets executives or financial teams to defraud a company for financial gain.

Commonly used to launch phishing attacks or hack other trusted domains.

Using text messages to trick users into divulging passwords or other PII for fraudulent use.

The SlashNext Multi-Channel Advantage

Zero-Hour AI Detection & Extreme Accuracy

99.9% detection rate and 1 in 1 million false positives.

Multi-Payload, Multi-Channel Protection

Covers the most phishing and social engineering payloads across all attack vectors.

Great User Experience & Guaranteed Privacy

Fast real-time protection with no latency. No personal data transmitted.

Fast Time to Value & ROI

Deploy in minutes. Automated updates.

Detect the Most Evasive Threats in Real-Time

Keep users safe with real-time AI-powered behavioral analysis and LiveScan™ for a new, more effective approach that uses virtual browsers, advanced computer vision, natural language processing and behavioral analysis to stop zero-hour threats in real time with 99.9% accuracy and 1 in 1 million false positives. The approach sees through more evasion tactics, including:

  • Shortened links, multiple URL redirects and other types of URL obfuscation
  • Multi-stage attacks requiring user interaction, including captchas
  • Threats on compromised websites and trusted infrastructure
Detect Phishing Threats

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