Defending Against Zero-Hour Social Engineering Threats with Modern Threat Intelligence

The New Threat Landscape Requires Modern Tools

New kinds of phishing and social engineering tactics and direct-to-browser attack vectors are evading existing multi-level security controls. The introduction of next-gen antivirus technologies are making it harder for bad actors to deliver malware successfully, so they have become more sophisticated in delivering phishing and social engineering attacks. Threat intelligence that covers new types of phishing threats is essential for defending against previously unknown zero-hour threats.

In this report you’ll learn about:

  • How the phishing threat landscape has changed
  • What existing phishing threat intelligence feeds are missing
  • What is required for modern phishing threat detection
  • Benefits and use cases for real-time phishing threat intelligence

Exceptional Power, Extreme Accuracy

SEER stands for Session Emulation and Environment Reconnaissance. It’s a new and more effective approach for detecting phishing threats that evade anti-phishing methods that rely on URL inspection and domain reputation analysis. SEER uses virtual browsers to dynamically inspect page contents and server behavior in a purpose-built cloud to definitively detect phishing sites in real-time and with extreme accuracy.

Detect Phishing Threats

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