Slashnext solves phishing problem for Stratejm customers


Stratejm, a North American Managed Security Services Provider. (MSSP) and MDR service, needed to stops multi-channel phishing attacks that were plaguing their customers.

Their customers are having big problems with phishing. Users are working from home, and they are fatigued from cooking and also from the links. Despite the fact that organizations and enterprises are investing a lot of money in security awareness training and making sure that their employees are well-trained not to click on links, the employees invariably click on links. The phishing attacks are so sophisticated now that you can hardly blame them.

As a next generation MSSP providing service to their customers since 2015 and in 2020, they launched an enhanced managed detection and response service and SlashNext Email+ Security is a part of that service to solve a major problem for their customers, which is phishing.

The Challenge

Offer a solution for their customers that stops the advanced phishing threats and could be managed by the Stratejm team.

The Solution

SlashNext Next Gen AI Email+ security stops multi-channel phishing and is helping his customers avoid sophisticated phishing attacks.

The Result

Reduced phishing risk across the organization for their MSSP customers

Slashnext solves phishing problem for MSSP Stratejm's customers

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SlashNext for Microsoft 365 Stops the Broadest Range of Zero-Hour Attacks

SlashNext HumanAI stops email threats that compromise users and lead to data breaches.


Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

SlashNext helps Microsoft 365  customers protect themselves from the growing number of advanced phishing attacks occurring today and tomorrow.

Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

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