The Finish Line for DerbyCon is the Starting Line for SlashNext

DerbyCon 9.0 takes place next week, September 4-8 at the Marriott Louisville in Kentucky. It will be the ninth and final iteration for the conference that started as an idea kicked around by four friends in the security industry at a pizza parlor years ago. The event is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and is different in many ways from other security conferences. The goal is to bring the security community together to learn, collaborate and share.

To learn more about SlashNext technology watch the video above.

SlashNext is honored to make our first appearance at the final conference and will be showcasing three products (two that are new) at booth #17 September 6-8. We encourage any conference attendees to stop by and learn more about SlashNext’s Real-Time Phishing Threat IntelligenceIncident Reporting, and Phishing IR solutions. Each is designed to help organizations close gaps in their phishing defenses by addressing critical challenges that security teams face in today’s fast paced threat landscape.

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