Phishing IR

Simplify and expedite abuse inbox management and phishing incident response

The Challenge

Increased cyber awareness training and single-click reporting of suspicious emails by users have created a new problem for SOC and IR teams: effectively managing a growing abuse inbox with limited resources.


Automating URL analysis with SOAR playbooks can save huge amounts of time and resources. However, available threat feeds and URL lookup services have serious shortcomings:

  • Return false negatives on newer, previously unknown threats or phishing pages on compromised websites

  • Easily tricked by numerous URL obfuscation techniques, re-directs, and multi-stage attacks

  • Focused on fake login pages, return false negatives on other social engineering payloads

  • Return inconclusive threat risk scores rather than accurate, definitive results

The SlashNext Solution

SlashNext solves these problems by providing accurate phishing URL analysis on-demand and at scale. SOC and IR teams can now leverage an automated phishing URL analysis service that provides accurate, definitive results and enrichment to speed execution of phishing IR playbooks, analysis, and reporting. Together with pre-built integration apps for leading SOAR platforms, SlashNext dramatically reduces the time, effort, and costs involved in phishing IR.

Save Time and Money

Dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with researching suspicious URLs.

Rapid Identification

Improve security with prompt identification and IR for genuine phishing emails.

Reduce False Results

Reduce work and risk associated with false negatives and false positives.

Improve Productivity

Free up your IR team from doing costly manual research.

With SlashNext Phishing URL Analysis & Enrichment You Get:


Accurate, definitive verdicts on suspicious URLs.

Real-Time Intelligence

Detection of previously unknown, zero-hour threats.

URL Enrichment

With forensics, including screenshots, HTML, and rendered text.

Multiple IR Commands

Cover different reputation and enrichment use cases.

URL Obfuscation Identification

A system that “sees through” URL obfuscation tactics and re-directs.

Detects More Payloads

Identifies more types of social engineering payloads (not just fake login pages).

Pre-Built Integration

Apps to integrate with leading SOAR and SIEM platforms.

How it Works

Here’s an example phishing IR playbook for abuse inbox management. Pre-built integrations with leading SOAR platforms provide quick and easy operationalization of SlashNext Phishing URL Analysis & Enrichment.

ThreatConnect with SlashNext URL Analysis & Enrichment Demo

Watch this demo to see how to automate phishing IR with ThreatConnect playbooks and SlashNext URL analysis and enrichment.

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