SlashNext Introduces Industry’s First Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence Service

Today marks an important time for SlashNext, IT security teams, and the security industry. It also (fortunately) marks a more difficult time for threat actors using new social engineering and browser-focused phishing tactics to deceive employees.

Since SlashNext started several years ago, its cloud-based SEER™ threat detection engine has proven to be uniquely effective at live phishing site detection. While most anti-phishing technologies rely on outdated URL inspection and domain reputation analysis methods, SlashNext pioneered Session Emulation and Environment Reconnaissance, or SEER. SEER uses virtual browsers in a purpose-built cloud to dynamically inspect page contents and server behavior. In seconds, it uncovers hundreds of clues about a site. Together with patent-pending machine learning algorithms, it enables SlashNext to accurately and decisively detect more types of phishing threats than any other anti-phishing technology—and it does so with exceptional accuracy and near-zero false positives.

This is an important development.

Threat actors are increasingly using legitimate hosting infrastructure, multiple URL obfuscation techniques and redirects, and reputable but compromised domains to host their phishing pages. This enables them to evade most anti-phishing technologies and defenses. And threats move fast; faster than most defenses. Most phishing sites are live for only a few hours before they’re taken down and move on. Zero-day has become zero-hour. By the time systems and security teams know about them (if ever), it’s too late. No wonder there’s a growing stream of data breaches in the news.

What security teams need is:

  • More powerful, accurate, and definitive real-time phishing threat detection, plus
  • More timely (and thus, useful) phishing threat intelligence

That day is here.

SlashNext is announcing its Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence service. Now IT security teams can get real-time, API access to a continuously updated list of phishing URLs, domains, and IPs as fast as they are discovered. And it’s not just intel on fake log-in pages for credential stealing. SlashNext phishing threat intelligence covers all six major categories of phishing: credential stealing, rogue software, scareware, phishing exploits, social engineering scams, and phishing C2s.

With SlashNext detecting tens of thousands of new phishing sites per day, this phishing threat intelligence feed could get huge and unwieldy very quickly. So SlashNext does fully automated URL re-checking and retirement. The result? A dynamically updated list of live phishing threats to inform security teams and strengthen defense operations.

Most sizable organizations already subscribe to multiple threat intelligence feeds. That’s smart. But SlashNext Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence is the first to cover all six major categories of phishing and social engineering threats and provide definitive intelligence in real-time. Together with automated ingestion into TIPs, SIEMs, SOARs and blocking infrastructure, security teams have an important new weapon in the fight against previously unknown threats.

Solving this problem hasn’t been easy. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself. We encourage you to sign up for a risk-free, hassle-free 15-day trial and see for yourself what your defenses and other threat feeds are missing.

Or if you’d simply like to learn more before you dive in, register for our upcoming live webinar on March 27th: Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence: Understanding and Defending Against Zero-Hour Phishing Threats.

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