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Demo of New Automated Phishing Attack That Hacks Two-Factor Authentication

We’ve written several blogs this year about the pros and cons of two-factor authentication (2FA). First, discussing how it is a best practice and just one part of a layered phishing defense. Then outlining 4 phishing attack techniques that can bypass or defeat 2FA. A recent article from Fortune entitled Hackers Can Now Bypass Two-Factor Authentication With a New Kind of Phishing Scam includes a 40-minute video demonstrating how hackers are using tools called Muraena and NecroBrowser to break through 2FA. We thought this information was worth passing on since these tools are enabling lower-skilled hackers to execute phishing attacks that penetrate 2FA. While 2FA is still a valuable step in protecting an organization from phishing attacks, the threat landscape continues to evolve and bad actors continue to create ways to outmaneuver conventional security methods.

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