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CISO Talk: Higher Ed Embraces Generative AI for Cloud Email+ Security


University and college campuses are a favorite target for cybercriminals because higher education has large distracted populations, research facilities, various vendors, and multiple invoices. Join us to hear from SlashNext and California Polytechnic State University ISO, Doug Lomsdalen, as they discuss the challenges of protecting a large university and how using generative AI protection is stopping BEC, payment scams, spear phishing, and other social engineering attacks.

Higher Ed

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Hear from two of SlashNext’s AEC industry customers discuss how AEC CIOs use generative AI Email Security to block phishing, ransomware, and BEC attacks.

Join SlashNext and Michael Sampson, Principal Analyst, Osterman Research, to hear about the new market research that reveals how email and multi-channel messaging security is a top concern for organizations, as AI plays a pivotal role in the threat landscape.

Understanding how cybercriminals exploit generative AI technologies, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, to mount sophisticated Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks is the first step in determining if you have the right defense-in-depth strategy.

In this 30-minute webinar learn how using Generative AI can proactively anticipate potential BEC threats created using the same AI technology.

With the expansion of today’s threat landscape to mobile, security awareness training is not enough to keep employees and corporate data safe. This means every security plan should include protection from snishing, executive impersonation and malicious links. Learn what is required in this on-demand video.

Watch and learn as we discuss the options of replacing your SEG with integrated cloud email security or if augmentation is a better choice. Learn what is required to transform your email security for a complete defense in depth approach. 

Today’s biggest threats are hosted on legitimate services like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and OneNote to deliver phishing campaigns.  With just one set of credentials, hackers can deliver devastating spear-phishing attacks that fool users every time.

With cybercriminals constantly changing their methods to circumvent detection, current cybersecurity defenses can miss up to 65% of new and emerging email threats.

Hear from SlashNext security expert, Casey Lee and CEO Patrick Harr.

In 2022, cybercriminals are moving with speed and at scale. Mobile phishing and credential harvesting are exploding, causing breaches in places once thought impenetrable. With billions of dollars, company reputations, and personally identifiable information at stake, advanced phishing protection is vital for all businesses.

Join security expert and Chief Product Officer, Atif Mushtaq and CEO Patrick Harr to explore the latest hacker techniques and how to stop these attacks from getting past current defenses.

2021 was another year of record breaking ransomware attacks and payouts. Ransomware has increased with an attack happening every 11 seconds with global recovery costs exceeding $20B.

Watch security experts explore the tight relationship between phishing and ransomware on a 30-minute webinar.

Humans only need apps and browsers in the cloud to communicate at work and in every other aspect of life – video meetings, health charts, social life — every digital channel is susceptible. Fake login pages are no longer the only game in town; phishing can be delivered straight into browsers and apps, bypassing key security infrastructure.

65% of anti-phishing S%!T can’t stop these sophisticated threats.

Learn why these threats are successful and how to stop them with SlashNext’s founder, Atif Mushtaq, SlashNext CEO Patrick Harr.

Explore techniques hackers are using and real-life examples of how MitM, rogue apps, and attacks hiding on legitimate infrastructure attacks are getting past current defenses.

In this episode we’ll explore The Security and Privacy Conundrum in a BYOD World.

Explore the tight relationship between phishing and ransomware with real-life examples of how phishing leads to ransomware.

In this episode, Breaking the MFA Myth, we’ll explore how hackers are bypassing MFA with astonishing accuracy.

See the Zero-Hour Attacks Hacking Humans Today and explore real case phishing examples.

This on-demand webinar expands on the New Threats Menacing Microsoft 365 Users Today.

In this episode, The State of Phishing in 2021, we’ll explore real case examples, including the latest spear-phishing attacks on legitimate infrastructure.

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