Good Guy AI: AEC CIO Perspectives on Generative AI Email Security

How AEC CIOs Use Generative AI Email Security to Block Phishing, Ransomware, and BEC Attacks

AEC firms are a favorite target of cybercriminals because AECs deal with large contracts, various vendors, multiple invoices and critical infrastructure. There is a million-dollar business impact when a breach occurs from these attacks. Harnessing the power of GenAI to stop phishing is on the minds of all CIOs. 


Hear from AEC industry CIOs that have GenAI protection to stop the most pervasive threats:

  • Understanding the GenAI impact on the IT landscape
  • How CIOs are using GenAI protection to stop BEC, payment scams, spear phishing, and other social engineering attacks
  • Moving beyond training and baseline defenses to stop these types of attacks

  • Trends and insights into the growing BEC threat landscape and what’s required to stay protected in today’s threat landscape

Eric Quinn

CIO, C&S Companies

As an experienced CIO, Eric is a leader in implementing industry-changing technologies with vast expertise and experience in the AEC industry. In his current role at C&S, he leads a team of IT professionals who support a diverse and vibrant 600-person engineering company. 

Jason Jewett

CIO, Moffat and Nichol

Jason is an experienced CIO in the AEC industry. In his current role as CIO at Moffat and Nichol, he is responsible for all aspects of Information Technology for a 680-person international engineering firm spanning 34 offices. 

SVP, SlashNext

As SVP of Business Development, Barry brings more than 25 years of global business development experience to Slashnext. Most recently, he served as SVP of Global Channels for BlueJeans Networks.

State of Phishing Key Fact

Growth of Mobile Phishing

Mobile phishing is on the rise as it’s also the most unprotected of all communication channels and most threats on mobile start with SMS text. Threats are customized for mobile delivery but use familiar credential stealing, malware, and exploit tactics.


Phishing Continues to Grow

Email phishing has increased significantly since the launch of ChatGPT signaling a new era of cybercrime fueled by generative AI.

State of Phishing Key Facts
State of Phishing Key Facts

Hackers Are More Effective at BEC

The diversity and sophistication of BEC types have received a significant boost from the public availability of generative AI chatbots. 

Download the State of Phishing Report

A full and in-depth look at cybersecurity threat trends with insights including:

  • The top trends of 2023 in phishing and message-based attacks
  • How the rise of malicious chatbots and generative AI has and will continue to change everything
  • Trends and insights into the growing BEC threat landscape 
  • What’s required to stay protected in today’s threat landscape

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