Most Anti-Phishing is Missing the Most Dangerous Spear Phishing Attacks

Learn how to close the gap at a live webinar with SlashNext on July 8th

Live Webinar July 8th @ 12:30 PT / 3:30 E

SlashNext is proud to host a webinar for the Trace3 Sales Teams showcasing our industry-leading phishing defense solution.  In this webinar, we would like to educate your teams on who SlashNext is, how our technology layers into your customers’ security stack to provide 360° phishing protection across email and all digital communication platforms, and finally, we’d like to introduce exclusive pricing for Trace3 sales teams only. 

Join Us for Premium Tequila July 21st

Additionally, we’re inviting all webinar guests to bring their customers to an exclusive VIP event on July 21st @ 4 pm PT / 6 pm PT —a virtual tasting experience with Cincoro Tequila, an award-winning tequila founded by Michael Jordan, as well as the NBA team owners of the Boston Celtics, LA Lakers, and Milwaukee Bucks.  We’ll ship the tasting kit directly to you and your guests.  Space is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Webinar, July 8 @ 12:30 PT / 3:30 ET