Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain attacks are when a cybercriminal infiltrates an organization through an outside partner or vendor with access to internal systems and data. Suppliers and service providers have more access to sensitive data, so this type of attack will continue to grow. With the weaponization of cloud and social tools, including automation, trusted domain hosting, and behavioral targeting, cybercriminals can move with increased speed and success.

According to CSO magazine, all technology vendors are vulnerable to supply chain attacks, and even security companies are potential targets. As in the case with the SolarWinds, FireEye, and Mimecast breaches, nation-state actors are taking advantage of the human element through targeted spear phishing attacks and other vulnerabilities like lapsed security patches. These cybercriminals have the skills and resources to penetrate even the most security-conscious firms.

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Phishing Threats

Today, while man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks are still a big concern, the security endpoint has changed to the browser, creating a MiTB phishing threat that poses real danger.

In recent years phishing has become the number one threat action over malware. Recent workforce changes spurred by the pandemic has led to an exponential increase in phishing attacks.


Just how prevalent are these phishing callbacks and C2 infections? In every client install we perform – 100 percent! – we see C2 infections and callbacks. Are you compromised?

In 2020 phishing exploded as the world faced a 100-year pandemic and many people moved to remote working and learning, which changed the phishing threat landscape forever. 

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