Bank and Payment Fraud

Bank and payment fraud is the use of illegal means to obtain money, assets, or other property owned or held by an organization. 

There is an extensive list of TTPs (Tools, Techniques, Procedures) that attackers can use to conduct cybercrimes, but it boils down to money or information theft.

The money motive in the key in ransomware, BEC, and payment fraud and when possible, cybercriminals prefer stealing cryptocurrency because often leaves no trail behind.


Bitcoins scams are just the tip of an iceberg. Phishing payloads that traditionally used fake login have morphed into dozens of different payloads, including money transfer scams, scareware, rogueware, credit card fraud, gift scams, man-in-the-middle attacks, just to name a few.


Making the situation worst, the infection vectors are no longer limited to just email but mobile, ads, search engines, messaging apps, etc.

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Phishing Threats

Today, while man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks are still a big concern, the security endpoint has changed to the browser, creating a MiTB phishing threat that poses real danger.

In recent years phishing has become the number one threat action over malware. Recent workforce changes spurred by the pandemic has led to an exponential increase in phishing attacks.


Just how prevalent are these phishing callbacks and C2 infections? In every client install we perform – 100 percent! – we see C2 infections and callbacks. Are you compromised?

In 2020 phishing exploded as the world faced a 100-year pandemic and many people moved to remote working and learning, which changed the phishing threat landscape forever. 

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