Security is a Human Problem

New Phishing Protection Strategies and Technologies to Protect Employees

Phishing attacks are at the start of over 90% of breaches. With cybersecurity defenses improving, hackers are targeting employees with phishing tactics that evade defenses and prey on human fallibility. With extensive security controls and awareness around email phishing, attackers are now also employing new web-based phishing tactics to trick users while their guard is down.


This report offers insights on the evolving phishing landscape and what’s needed to protect your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • How phishing attacks are evolving
  • Tactics used to evade detection
  • New strategies and technologies to protect employees

Exceptional Power, Extreme Accuracy

SEER stands for Session Emulation and Environment Reconnaissance. It’s a new and more effective approach for detecting phishing threats that evade anti-phishing methods that rely on URL inspection and domain reputation analysis. SEER uses virtual browsers to dynamically inspect page contents and server behavior in a purpose-built cloud to definitively detect phishing sites in real-time and with extreme accuracy.

Detect Phishing Threats

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