AI Phishing Protection

For end-to-end real-rime protection to detect unknown threats with unmatched accuracy

Multi-Vector Protection

SlashNext solutions close the gaps in phishing defenses to dramatically reduce the risk of a breach, across multiple attack vector, including:

Phishing Protection Across All Communication Channels

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Mobile Phishing Protection

Protect iOS and Android users from mobile-centric phishing threats with a lightweight, cloud-powered agent.

Browser Phishing Protection

Shield employees from live phishing sites with cloud-powered browser extensions for all major desktop browsers.

Network Phishing Intelligence

Use live threat intelligence to turn existing network security controls into a real-time, multi-vector phishing defense.

Threat Hunting & Response

Phishing IR

Automate phishing incident response and threat hunting with accurate, run-time analysis of suspicious URLs on-demand.

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