Remote User Phishing Protection

SlashNext 360° Defense-as-a-Service protects remote users with a purpose-built, multi-vector, multi-payload anti-phishing solution that provides the industry’s strongest protection against zero-hour phishing threats, regardless of how users get the phish.

The Challenge

Mobile and remote workers are at greater risk from phishing threats. Without full-time VPN tunneling, they’re outside of perimeter protections, and on mobile, the risks are even higher. Small screens hide important clues about senders and web page URLs, making it harder to spot phishing threats. Mobile users are also exposed to additional unprotected attack vectors beyond email such as SMS (SMiShing), social media, ads, rogue apps, and more.

Built-in safe browsing protections on desktop browsers do not keep pace with newly emerging zero-hour threats. And due to resource constraints, only a fraction of this protection is available on mobile browsers.

Protecting mobile and remote users from next-gen phishing has many challenges:

  • Lack of perimeter protections

  • Limited built-in phishing protections, especially on mobile

  • Unprotected attack vectors (SMiShing, social media, etc.)

  • Small screens making it harder to spot threats

  • Rogue browser extensions and mobile apps

  • Device performance, battery, and data usage

  • User privacy issues

  • BYOD 

SlashNext Stops Human Hacking Across All Digital Channels


99% detection rate and 1 in 1 million false positives.

Guaranteed User Privacy

No personal data transmitted.

On Device Performance

Fast real-time protection with no latency.


Zero-Touch, Immediate Time to Value

Deploy in minutes. Automated updates.

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