ESG Report: Prolific Adoption of Multi-channel Communication and Collaboration Tools Leaves Organizations Exposed

Multi-vector, socially engineered attacks are becoming commonplace, with more than half of organizations reporting that they experience this type of attack weekly (36%) or even daily (16%).

 Prolific adoption of both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud-delivered communications and collaboration tools has fueled massive efficiencies in modern worker collaboration. Yet this new, multi-channel environment is leaving IT and security teams exposed, as adversaries leverage multi-channel attack strategies to evade siloed security capabilities. 

Traditional security strategies are falling short in their ability to secure this multi-channel world. New architecture and strategies are needed. 


In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How multi-channel attacks are gaining momentum 
  • Attack tactics in use across a growing number of channels

  • How traditional siloed security strategies fail to defend against multi-channel attacks 

  • Recommendations from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group 

ESG and SlashNext Discuss Multi-Channel Protection