Lincoln Uses Microsoft & SlashNext for Security, Saves Millions of Dollars

Lincoln International

Lincoln Interational is a trusted investment banking advisor to business owners and senior executives of leading private equity firms, and public and privately held companies, around the world. Their clients count on Lincoln for successful M&A transactions, capital advisory, private funds advisory, accurate valuations — and more.

Their security team was small and tasked with complete protection. The team originally investigated and signed up for the SlashNext browser extension to boost their security in-depth posturing and stop malicious links at the time of click no matter how the links were delivered to the the end user. As a result of the success of the extension in the Lincoln International environment, the company’s CIO decided to add SlashNext Email+ Security on top of Microsoft 365 as a supplement to prevent any malicious emails from reaching their users.

Within the first month of running SlashNext Email+ Security as a supplement to the company’s Microsoft protection, hundreds of threats were blocked that originally bypassed Microsoft defenses. In addition, a significant number of spear phishing threats were blocked against many of their managing directors. Threats blocked included those from both link- and file-based threats. SlashNext was deployed in minutes and allowed immediate peace of mind for the Lincoln Financial CIO and the security team.

The Challenge

Malicious emails and links were passing through Microsoft security; required easy-to use-Microsoft supplement to stop advanced phishing attacks bypassing current solution and run by a small team

The Solution

SlashNext Email+ multi-channel email, mobile, and browser phishing protection using generative AI security to protect against advanced phishing techniques

The Result

Caught emails Microsoft missed, blocked malicious pages their network tools missed, eliminated malicious browser attacks; prevented millions of dollars in losses; saved time for security team

A Complete Cloud Security Platform to Stop the Most Evasive Threats in Real-Time

Keep users safe with a more effective approach that uses natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning with relationship graphs, generative AI, and deep contextualization to stop zero-hour threats in real-time with 99.9% accuracy and 1 in 1 million false positives. This unique combination of techniques sees through evasion tactics and accurately detects threats, even those hosted on compromised websites and legitimate infrastructure.

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“Easy admin interface, good detection rate for integrated cloud email security, and we like the browser protection as well.”
Security Team, Lincoln Financial

SlashNext for Microsoft 365 Stops the Broadest Range of Zero-Hour Attacks

SlashNext HumanAI stops email threats that compromise users and lead to data breaches.


Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

SlashNext helps Microsoft 365  customers protect themselves from the growing number of advanced phishing attacks occurring today and tomorrow.

Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

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