Large Toy Company Closes Multi-Channel Security Gaps

Large Toy Company

Mattel needed to closes security gaps in business and personal messaging channels outside of email.  Despite the use of an SEG, supplemental email security, Microsoft E5 (Defender for email and Defender for endpoints), and next-gen endpoint security, malicious threats were still getting messaging channels commonly used by users.

Implementing the SlashNext integrated mobile security app and browser extension, Mattel now stops zero-hour malicious phishing links, Smishing, business text compromise, exec impersonation, and ransomware/malware file attacks. By adding this last layer of defense, users are protected when encountering a phishing threat. There is a safe preview of malicious sites and helpful education about the threat type. This offers employees an improved user experience without any reduction in productivity.

“SlashNext is the best defense against malicious personal and business messaging app threats.” With a 99.9% detection rate and broad coverage, there has been a significant reduction in phishing incidents. The security administrators can easily deploy in minutes and manage groups, policies, users, and licenses. Advanced reporting and analytics features include filters to view data by threats, endpoints, and users for a full view across the enterprise.

The Challenge

Current security defenses were failing to address the shift to remote work on any device

The Solution

SlashNext Multi-channel Mobile and Browser Protection

The Result

Zero-hour Cloud and On-Device Protection

A Complete Cloud Security Platform to Stop the Most Evasive Threats in Real-Time

Keep users safe with a more effective approach that uses natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning with relationship graphs, generative AI, and deep contextualization to stop zero-hour threats in real-time with 99.9% accuracy and 1 in 1 million false positives. This unique combination of techniques sees through evasion tactics and accurately detects threats, even those hosted on compromised websites and legitimate infrastructure.

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SlashNext is the best layer of defense against malicious threats in personal and business messaging apps.
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SlashNext for Microsoft 365 Stops the Broadest Range of Zero-Hour Attacks

SlashNext HumanAI stops email threats that compromise users and lead to data breaches.


Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

SlashNext helps Microsoft 365  customers protect themselves from the growing number of advanced phishing attacks occurring today and tomorrow.

Microsoft 365 + SlashNext for Complete Email Security

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