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SlashNext Complete Multi-Channel Threats

Barracuda’s Security Email Gateway (SEG) technology solves half of the problem

SlashNext is uniquely qualified to achieve complete defense-in-depth security

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Zero-hour BEC and ATO Protection
Relationship graph, natural language processing of email body, header analysis, contextualization, and behavioral AI.
Generative AI for BEC and BMC
Clones and synthetically generates BEC/BMC threat iterations to train models and continuously predict the next threats.
Relationship Graph and Contextual Analysis
Baselines communication patterns in your environment to identify relationship patterns and anomalies.
Zero-Hour Link Protection
Use pre-emotive sourcing and real-time scans by combining computer vision, NLP, and behavioral AI to identify malicious links.
Zero-Hour File Protection
Use pre-emotive sourcing and real-time to identify malicious file payloads, including for HTML, doc, pdf, and zip.
Smishing Protection
Accurately identifies and quarantines malicious SMS/text messages.
Multi-Channel Protection
Stops zero-hour threats in email, mobile, and web messaging apps across M365, Gmail, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Teams, and other messaging apps.
Operational Security Controls
Implement by group, country, and organization, configurable in the admin portal.

See How SlashNext Stacks Up Against the Competition

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Generative AI for BEC and BMCcheck-thintimes-thin
Relationship Graph and Contextual Analysischeck-thintimes-thin
Zero-Hour Link Protectioncheck-thincheck-thin
Zero-Hour File Protectioncheck-thincheck-thin
Smishing Protectioncheck-thintimes-thin
Multi-Channel Protectioncheck-thintimes-thin
Operational Security Controlscheck-thintimes-thin

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