As Phishing Attacks Increase in Success, SlashNext Spear Phishing Detection Rates Highest Among Key Vendors

Cybercriminals are using automation and AI to increase the likelihood of compromising a target. What was once spray and pray bulk phishing attacks are now mass quantities of highly target spear-phishing attacks. According to Gartner, a dramatic increase in phishing attacks’ volume and success require a reevaluation of security controls and processes. Additionally, the significant shift to remote working continues to fuel the adoption of cloud services and other collaboration tools beyond email. These are likely to become additional attack vectors1.

This week SlashNext was identified as the top vendor in the latest Tolly Test Report, showcasing SlashNext’s 98.1% Spear Phishing Detection Rate, which was the highest among key vendors.

The findings from a recently commissioned Tolly Test Report found SlashNext performed with significantly greater accuracy on zero-day threats used in the test sample than other solutions. The report compared SlashNext to email security solutions, including Microsoft Defender and Proofpoint Essentials Business, demonstrating two to three times better protection by the SlashNext solution. 

According to the independent test lab, SlashNext performed significantly greater accuracy on the zero-day threats used in the test sample than other solutions. Additionally, Microsoft and Proofpoint were only able to identify 21% to 23% of phishing threats handpicked by Tolly from SlashNext’s AI Phishing Detection database. 

  • SlashNext delivers the strongest spear phishing protection, with a detection rate 3x more than Microsoft and ProofPoint who missed 4/5 of the URLs we already detected in the wild
  • SlashNext utilizes computer vision ML, one of the main recommendations in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Email Security, to prevent account take over (ATO) attacks

New Detection Technology is Required
Protecting remote workers from today’s sophisticated attacks requires a phishing protection toolbox that takes a zero-trust approach covering several attack vectors and goes beyond URL inspection and domain reputation.

Cybercriminals use automation and AI to increase the likelihood of compromising a target by leveraging legitimate infrastructure and matching data to build detailed lists of targets to increase their success. Phishing attacks are growing because they are no longer just an email problem and has expanded to SMS/iMessage, social networks, collaboration platforms, videoconferencing, and gaming services. Cybercriminals have expanded attack payloads to fake login scams, scareware tactics, fraudulent ads, and rogue software downloads. 

Please find a complimentary copy of the report here. SlashNext provides total phishing protection, where SEG vendors cannot. To see what your secure email is missing, request a free personalized risk assessment.

1: Gartner Market Guide for Email Security, Published 8 September 2020

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