Addressing the Top 10 Security Issue Organizations Face

AI Technology will help address organizations security concerns as revealed in this Osterman Research Study

Cybersecurity is an important priority for organizations, and most apply a layered approach including awareness training, common-sense policies and technology-based solutions on-premises and in the cloud. Even with a multi-layer cybersecurity approach, incidents continue to occur with 78% of organization having at least one event in the past 12 months.

This whitepaper explores the top cybersecurity concerns that organizations face and will deep-dive into these issues and more

  • Security incidents are common, and security must improve
  • Phishing threats are coming from non-email sources
  • Credential-stealing is increasing as methods become more sophisticated
  • There are more points of vulnerability to manage
  • The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in security defenses

Exceptional Power, Extreme Accuracy

SEER stands for Session Emulation and Environment Reconnaissance. It’s a new and more effective approach for detecting phishing threats that evade anti-phishing methods that rely on URL inspection and domain reputation analysis. SEER uses virtual browsers to dynamically inspect page contents and server behavior in a purpose-built cloud to definitively detect phishing sites in real-time and with extreme accuracy.

Detect Phishing Threats

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