Webinar | Spear-Phishing is a Catalyst for Ransomware, Stop it and Stop Breaches

Tactics for Stopping the #1 Catalyst for Ransomware and Corporate Breaches

Live Webinar September 9 @ 10 AM PT

Security teams are facing new challenges with the increase of spear-phishing coming from trusted infrastructure and these bad actors are having incredible success. Hackers are active in all communication channels, weaponizing cloud and social tools, taking advantage of the weakest link with well-crafted spear-phishing attacks.


SlashNext Threat Labs reports up to 65% of employees are still engaging with phishing attacks thereby breaking the myth that phishing can be stopped with secure email gateways, proxies and training.


Join security experts from SlashNext and Stratejm to explore the latest hacker techniques and how to stop these attacks from getting past current defenses, including:

  • How hackers are using the cloud, AI, and behavioral targeting to increasing success
  • Latest spear-phishing attacks through compromised cloud infrastructure, rogue software, man-in-the-middle attacks, fake 2FA request, and security warnings
  • Recommendations and resources for protecting your workforce from fast-evolving phishing attacks