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Hacking Humans on Linkedin, Twitter, and SMS

The new threats to the corporation are Linkedin, Twitter, and SMS—The hackers dream for accessing your corporate resources.

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Humans only need apps and browsers in the cloud to communicate at work and in every other aspect of life – video meetings, health charts, social life — every digital channel is susceptible. Fake login pages are no longer the only game in town; phishing can be delivered straight into browsers and apps, bypassing key security infrastructure.


In 2021, SlashNext Threat Labs identified 2.5 million phishing attacks that did not involve fake login pages but malicious browser extensions, rogue apps, and social engineering scams leading to remote backdoor access. Learn why theses channels are a hacker’s favorite back door to your corporate Crown Jewels. You can’t hire enough security experts to keep up with the growth in phishing attacks targeting humans in multiple channels.


Watch SlashNext CEO Patrick Harr and Jeff Baker, SlashNext’s Director of Solution Engineering explore the latest hacker techniques and how to stop these attacks from getting past current defenses.

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