On-Demand Webinar | Phish Stories 8

Spear Phishing from Trusted Sites

65% of anti-phishing S%!T can’t stop these sophisticated threats Learn why these threats are successful and how to stop them.

Let’s face it your current security defenses do not stop 100% of phishing threats. Some communication channels, like email, are better protected than others, but you know threats are breaching your current defenses. What is an acceptable number of false negatives? And by letting some threats into your organization, do you have a target on your back for ransomware, supply chain attacks, or intellectual property theft?


Today, attacks come from email (both corporate and personal), mobile, Web, and social networks. No technology is completely secure. And when you add up the high chance of success in the other environments, phishing is something that has become easy to accomplish.


Join SlashNext Founder and CPO Atif Mushtaq, and SlashNext CEO Patrick Harr to explore the latest hacker techniques and how to stop these attacks from getting past current defenses.

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