On-Demand Webinar | Phish Stories 6

Phishing and Ransomware: A Marriage Made in Hell

Or Heaven if You're Running a RaaS Crew

Phishing threats have been soaring off the charts in the last 12 months, and so has ransomware. It’s no surprise that both are on the rise. It’s a lucrative business. SlashNext Labs saw a 350% increase in phishing in 2020, with a record of 50K spear-phishing attacks in a single day. Likewise, ransomware has increased with an attack happening every 11 seconds and global recovery costs will exceed $20 billion in 2021.


Given the rise in attacks on critical organizations like the Colonial Pipeline and JBS, ransomware is quickly becoming a Board of Directors-level issue. Ransomware uses phishing and social engineering as its main attack vector, so stopping it at the source is paramount. 


Security experts will explore the tight relationship between phishing and ransomware on a 30-minute webinar. Join SlashNext’s founder, Atif Mushtaq, SlashNext CEO Patrick Harr, and Randy Watkins, Critical Start CTO, to explore techniques hackers are using and real-life examples of how phishing leads to ransomware.

  • How hackers are using the cloud, AI, and behavioral targeting to deliver spear phishing to start the ransomware attack chain
  • Latest examples of spear-phishing attacks that have ties to ransomware examples of spear-phishing attacks that have ties to ransomware 
  • Recommendations and resources for protecting your environment from phishing and ransomware 

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