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The Security and Privacy Conundrum in a BYOD World

Finding the right balance between security and privacy can be elusive

Hackers are active in all communication channels weaponizing cloud and social tools and taking advantage of the fact that humans are the weakest link of the security process. With 67% of enterprises offering BYOD policies keeping the workforce secure while maintaining user privacy is essential for a successful security posture.


In Phish Stories 5, join SlashNext’s founder and cybersecurity expert, Atif Mushtaq, and CEO Patrick Harr to learn about the multitude of techniques hackers are using to compromise BYOD devices and explore real-life examples of how these attacks are challenging organizations, including:

  • How hackers are using the cloud, AI, and behavioral targeting to increasing success
  • Latest human hacking attacks through compromised cloud infrastructure, rogue software, man-in-the-middle attacks, fake 2FA request, and security warnings
  • Recommendations and resources for protecting your BYOD environment while maintaining user privacy

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