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Phishing + Ransomware —The Dream Team of Exploits

This deadly combination is spreading tentacles and wreaking havoc on organizations of all sizes

2021 was another year of record breaking ransomware attacks and payouts. Ransomware has increased with an attack happening every 11 seconds with global recovery costs exceeding $20B in 2021. 


Phishing is the start of the ransomware attack chain with 60% of ransomware cases involves direct install using stolen credentials, according to Verizon 2021 DBIR.


Listen to security experts explore the tight relationship between phishing and ransomware on a 30-minute webinar to explore techniques hackers are using and what to look out for in 2022.

  • How hackers have shifted their focus to unprotected  channels like SMS, browsers, and collaboration applications
  • How hackers are using the cloud, AI, and behavioral targeting to deliver spear phishing to start the ransomware attack chain
  • Latest examples of attacks with ties to ransomware and recommendations  for protecting your environment from phishing and ransomware 

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