BEC, Gen AI and the FBI 2024 IC3 Report: Exploring the Most Dangerous Cybercrime

LIVE Webinar | Wednesday, May 22nd, 11:00 AM PT

Discover the ongoing threat of Business Email Compromise (BEC) through the lens of the latest FBI IC3 report as we delve into the unprecedented financial impact of this cybercrime. Cybercriminals had swiftly adopted using generative AI large language model (LLM) to launch a multitude of highly targeted phishing attacks, making BEC a formidable threat with losses nearing $2.9 billion with an average cost of $137K per BEC incident.

Join us for a webinar featuring speakers from the FBI and SlashNext Security, where our panelists will discuss:

  • Key revelations from the 2024 FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center Report
  • Implications of the new data on the evolving cyber threat landscape in 2024 and beyond
  • Insights into the persistent growth of BEC and its comparative analysis with other cyber threats
  • Practical strategies to safeguard your organization and users against BEC attacks

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to gain insights directly from the FBI.


Please note: This webinar is live and unavailable on demand.

Scott Hellman

Scott Hellman

FBI Cyber Division

Supervisory Special Agent Scott Hellman has been investigating criminal and national security cybercrime for over 15 years with the FBI. He has a Bachelor’s in chemistry, a J.D. from University of Baltimore, and now leads a team of cybercrime investigators in the San Francisco Bay area.
Patrick Harr

Patrick Harr

SlashNext CEO

Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext Security has more than two decades of industry experience across security, cloud, storage, and networking. Harr received his MBA from the University of Maryland and a BA from Tulane University in Political Economy and Russian.
State of Phishing Key Fact

Growth of Mobile Phishing

Mobile phishing is on the rise as it’s also the most unprotected of all communication channels and most threats on mobile start with SMS text. Threats are customized for mobile delivery but use familiar credential stealing, malware, and exploit tactics.


Phishing Continues to Grow

Email phishing has increased significantly since the launch of ChatGPT signaling a new era of cybercrime fueled by generative AI.

State of Phishing Key Facts
State of Phishing Key Facts

Hackers Are More Effective at BEC

The diversity and sophistication of BEC types have received a significant boost from the public availability of generative AI chatbots.