The Human Hacking Report

Phishing is a human problem across all digital channels

Of the more than 14M malicious URLs identified in 2021, 51% were credential stealing – the gateway to ransomware attacks. Humans don’t stand a chance against sophisticated, targeted phishing attacks coming at them from all digital channels. By moving completely to the cloud, apps and browsers are all humans need to communicate with work, family, and friends. We can be lured into providing credentials or installing malicious apps that undermine the most sophisticated defenses. Hackers are launching more sophisticated attacks, because personal targeting, automation, and the availability of free legitimate domains have increased the speed and success of their attacks.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • SlashNext Threat Labs’ key data findings on the phishing threat landscape in 2021
  • Why human hacking has moved to unprotected communications channels like SMS/text, web, social, gaming, collaboration, and search apps
  • How security leaders can take proactive measures to improve their security posture
  • How the future of anti-phishing lies in stopping human hacking with AI and machine learning

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