Tolly Group Releases Report Showcasing SlashNext’s 98.1% Spear Phishing Detection Rate, Highest Among Key Security Vendors

3x Greater Accuracy in Detecting Zero-Hour Phishing Attacks vs. Microsoft, ProofPoint, and Others

PLEASANTON, Calif., January 22, 2021 – SlashNext, the phishing authority and provider of real-time AI phishing defense services, today announced the release of the findings from a recently commissioned Tolly Test Report, benchmarking the accuracy of its 2.0 phishing protection service. The report compared SlashNext to email security solutions, including Microsoft Defender and Proofpoint Essentials Business, and found that the SlashNext service had a three times better phishing detection accuracy. Microsoft and Proofpoint were only able to identify 33% and 32 % of phishing threats, while SlashNext detected 98.1%. Adding SlashNext as a supplemental layer to email security provides total protection against the exponential growth in targeted phishing attacks in email, as well as SMS, social, collaboration, and gaming services.

“For an anti-phishing solution to be effective, it must have strong efficacy against spear-phishing attacks,” says Kevin Tolly, Founder of The Tolly Group. “Spear phishing emails are sent in low volume to specific target addresses and are sent from sources where the sending domain and IP address do not have a negative reputation. The results of our testing demonstrate these characteristics make it difficult for anti-phishing solutions to prevent spear phishing attacks because they bypass the security layer that relies on email volume and reputation.”

Key Tolly Test Report highlights on SlashNext capabilities:

  • Delivers the highest spear phishing detection rate at 98.1%
  • Provides phishing threat protection far beyond that of other solutions tested 
  • Easily implemented as a browser extension and works automatically with all browser-based email systems 
  • Provides URL protection against email and non-email borne threats

“The rapid shift to remote working in 2020 accelerated the voracity and types of phishing attacks, which are responsible for 95% of all successful external breaches and costs an average of $2.8 million in damages to a company,” said Patrick Harr, CEO, SlashNext. “The results of the independent Tolly Test highlight the unparalleled 3X greater accuracy of our zero-hour AI phishing detection cloud versus first-generation phishing detection engines. Our total phishing protection service adds another layer of security defense to Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace as well protects mobile, PC, and MAC users from all types of phishing across email, SMS, collaboration, social networking, and gaming services.”

For more information and details of the test, please find the complete report here. To see what your email security is missing, request a free personalized risk assessment.

About SlashNext

SlashNext is the phishing authority, leading the fight together with its partners to protect the world’s internet users and brands from phishing anywhere. SlashNext 2.0 AI phishing defense services utilize our patented SEER technology to detect zero-hour phishing threats by performing dynamic run-time analysis on billions of URLs a day through virtual browsers and machine learning. Take advantage of SlashNext’s phishing defense services using mobile apps, browser extensions, and APIs that integrate with leading mobile and endpoint management and IR tools. SlashNext is backed by Norwest Venture Partners and Wing Venture Capital and has customers around the world. 

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