SlashNext Phishing Threat Intelligence Bolsters ThreatConnect Security Operations Platform

Now Part of ThreatConnect’s Developer Partner Program to Deliver Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence and Automated Incident Response Solutions to Joint Customers

PLEASANTON, CA – February 13, 2020 – SlashNext, a leading provider of real-time anti-phishing and incident response solutions, today announced that it has joined the ThreatConnect® Developer Partner Program to offer a joint solution for boosting security operations efficiency and customers’ anti-phishing defenses. SlashNext now brings the industry’s broadest live phishing threat intelligence feed and on-demand URL analysis and enrichment solutions to ThreatConnect’s intelligence, automation, orchestration and analytics platform. These joint solutions enable IT security teams to automate phishing incident response for Abuse Inbox management as well as to operationalize a block-ready feed with enterprise network controls to protect employees from live phishing threats, regardless of attack vector or phishing payload type.

ThreatConnect users can now access SlashNext phishing URL Analysis and Enrichment to get accurate, definitive verdicts and forensics data on suspicious URLs. With more accurate intelligence, teams can fully automate phishing incident response processes, saving significant time and resources associated with investigating URLs in suspicious emails reported to an Abuse Inbox. SlashNext Agentless Phishing Defense is the industry’s broadest real-time phishing threat intelligence feed of live phishing sites and command-and-control (C2) servers. The threat intelligence feed provides ThreatConnect users with a continuously updated, high fidelity blocklist of zero-hour phishing sites and C2s, complete with indicators of compromise (IoCs), for automated operationalization in network controls.

“SlashNext is pleased to join the ThreatConnect Developer Partner Program and help automate phishing IR, threat hunting, and enhanced phishing protection for our joint customers,” said Atif Mushtaq, SlashNext founder and CEO. “More sophisticated phishing attacks are a growing problem. Security operations teams need better intelligence and automation to handle the onslaught of threats before they lead to even more costly compromises and breaches.”

“We are excited to add SlashNext to the growing list of technology vendors in the ThreatConnect Developer Partner Program,” said Andy Pendergast, Vice President of Product at ThreatConnect. “Through this partnership, ThreatConnect users will have easier access to SlashNext’s accurate phishing URL analysis and block-ready phishing threat intelligence within the ThreatConnect Platform to speed incident response, analysis, and protection from fast-moving phishing threats.”

Today’s phishing attacks reach users through more cleverly disguised emails, and increasingly through other attack vectors such as SMS, social media, and ads. They often include links to webpages that last just minutes to hours to avoid detection and blacklisting. They also employ more evasion techniques, including multiple URL re-directs and hosting on compromised websites or legitimate hosting infrastructure that would not be categorized as malicious by most security controls. Detecting and protecting users from these more evasive threats requires real-time threat detection and automation for timely discovery and blocking in network controls or specialized endpoint agents.

With the growth in evasive phishing emails plus employee phishing training that encourages users to report suspicious emails to their SOC, IT security teams are being forced to deal with a growing number of emails in their Abuse Inbox. Investigating each incident can take several minutes, putting a significant drain on limited security team resources and budgets. With ThreatConnect’s automation features and SlashNext Phishing URL Analysis and Enrichment, SOC and IR teams can now get accurate, definitive, automated analysis of suspicious URLs on demand and at scale. This can dramatically reduce time and costs for phishing IR while helping to spot and remediate genuine threats faster.

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SlashNext and ThreatConnect will also be hosting a live 30 minute webinar entitled, “Automating Abuse Inbox Management as Part of Phishing IR”, on Wednesday, March 4th at 10:00 AM PST. To register, please visit: /snx-threatconnect-webinar/



SlashNext helps organizations close the gaps in their existing defenses against today’s—and tomorrow’s—more advanced phishing and social engineering threats. SlashNext provides IT security teams with a range of real-time phishing protection, phishing incident response, and threat hunting solutions to protect users, both inside and outside network perimeter protections.


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