SlashNext Enhances Listing on Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace

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PLEASANTON, CA – June 22, 2021 — SlashNext, a leading provider of real-time anti-phishing and incident response solutions, today announced that it has expanded the SlashNext Phishing Incident Response and Threat Hunting offerings on the Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace, the industry’s largest and most comprehensive security orchestration marketplace. The content pack from SlashNext on Cortex XSOAR’s Marketplace provides customers with a scalable, cloud-based analysis engine – purpose-built for analyzing suspicious URLs for phishing and social engineering attacks.

With the update to the SlashNext content pack, security teams have access to a sophisticated threat detection engine that uses virtual browsers and machine learning to dynamically analyze all the contents of a Web page as well as server behavior. Mature machine learning algorithms enable definitive, binary verdicts with more than 99 percent precision as opposed to traditional threat scoring methods. Its high-precision phishing URL analysis and enrichment enable rapid detection of genuine threats with near-zero false positives. Available with a variety of different options on the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace, the SlashNext Phishing Incident Response content pack equips security teams with a sophisticated solution that eliminates the need to spend countless hours analyzing and researching inconclusive results with suspicious URLs.

“This updated partnership with Palo Alto Networks strengthens our value proposition on the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace significantly,” said Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext. “Customers can now access total phishing detection for corporate credential theft, social engineering, scareware, and rogue software Web pages. Cortex XSOAR gives us an important platform to deliver our fast and highly scalable SlashNext Phishing Incident Response and Threat Hunting solution to help secure the digitally connected landscape.”

“A robust, open ecosystem is at the heart of Cortex XSOAR,” said Rishi Bhargava, VP of Product Strategy for Cortex XSOAR at Palo Alto Networks. “We are proud to extend the SlashNext offering in the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace ecosystem. This new content pack provides playbooks for automating abuse inbox management and online brand protection, to enable maximum efficiency in the SOC.”

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About SlashNext

SlashNext is the authority on Human Hacking, leading the fight together with its partners to protect the world’s internet users from phishing anywhere. SlashNext 360° Defense Service utilizes our patented SEERTM technology to detect zero-hour phishing threats by performing dynamic run-time analysis on billions of URLs a day through virtual browsers and machine learning. Take advantage of SlashNext’s phishing defense services using mobile apps, browser extensions, and APIs that integrate with leading mobile endpoint management and IR tools.

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